Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Religious Left in the News

The religious left received some encouraging publicity from the good folks over at Daily Kos this week, with a handful of reflections from regular bloggers examining the current state and future potential of the movement. Daily Kos regular dirkster42 got the ball rolling on Friday, with a post entitled "On the Invisibility of the Religious Left", which briefly examines some of the historical failures of the religious left to effectively capitalize on media outreach, and also details persistent media bias against certain forms of progressive religious argumentation. This article prompted responses on Saturday from other bloggers Philoguy and Frederick Clarkson, who offer an outsider perspective on the religious left and a vision of how organizing for a (new) religious left might look, respectively.

A special shout-out to dirkster42 for including a snippet from HDS all-star and all-around terrific human Mark Jordan in his piece. Let's keep these discussions going, folks!

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