Friday, March 11, 2011

"The King's Speech" - Tiffany Stanley at TNR

Terrific article on Rep. King's bogus 'radicalization' hearings by friend-of-the-site Tiffany Stanley, a reporter-researcher over at The New Republic.

"The King's Speech: The unraveling of Peter King's hearings on radical Islam "

Tiffany Stanley - The New Republic
Originally Published March 11, 2011

Everyone was expecting the Pete King hearings on Muslim radicalization to be the second coming of Joseph McCarthy. Yesterday, an hour before they began, a line already snaked around the third floor of the Cannon Office Building, as reporters queued to catch a glimpse of demagoguery. Dozens of cameras lit up the hallway, bulbs on or flashing; and the press seemed to far outnumber any protestors or concerned citizens on hand. As it turned out, though, while the hearings were certainly controversial, they were, in terms of substance, fundamentally anticlimactic. There were no bombshells from King, nor much in the way of revealing testimony, and there was certainly no drunken congressman reeling off names from a secret list of Communists. Instead, what we got was a debate about the legitimacy of the hearings themselves: Instead of Islam on trial, a trial on trial.

To read the full article, visit The New Republic.

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