Friday, April 29, 2011

Ah, The Bravery that is Gaga…

By Eve's Identity
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Originally posted on April 28, 2011

She has been defined by many as a freak… a weirdo… a whore… a genius… an artist and a rebel. And whether you like her or not, we have all heard of Lady Gaga and probably formed a distinct opinion about her. She will go down in music’s history as unique in some cases, or trite and redundant in others. But one thing is for sure about Ms. Gaga; be it her raw and shocking song lyrics or the questionable reasoning behind her stage outfits, she definitely knows how to turn heads...which is likely the method to her madness anyway, right? The woman certainly knows how to get attention that’s for sure.     
So on that note, have you listened to it? If you did, was it bothersome to you, or did you like it? Perhaps you didn’t care either way, but even so, it’s the newest controversy spawned by Lady Gaga, and it may steer some of her “flock” to the wolves. She released a new song entitled “Judas,” and it has surely caused a conundrum among many in the Christian community. The Huffington Post released an article here, that gives more details about the lyrics of this song and the reaction by the public. If you haven’t read the lyrics, I suggest you do so. But if you did, it seems probable that she is comparing the notorious story of Judas in the Bible to what could be be a very dysfunctional relationship between Ms. Gaga and a significant other. That being said, clearly there are other characters that one could relate a bad relationship to without creating so much drama.  Sigh, that just wouldn’t be good enough for Gaga would it?

But I am not writing this post to criticize Ms. Gaga on her music or to praise her for her amazing talent either. What I am praising her for, is her bravery. I am writing about her just to point out how amazingly Ms. Gaga seems to pummel through social expectations without batting much of an eyelash (or real ones anyway). So, while I only find a few of her tunes catchy, I felt the need to commend Ms. Gaga while many could be calling her all kinds of vulgar names and criticizing her choice of lyricism. I choose to tip my hat to her because I respect her courage to take any character from any story to compare her feelings to, rather than stick to “what is expected” of her as a singer. While I am no music critic, I will say that this is the reason I can consider her a true artist and entertainer, and it’s also why I decided to mention her in this blog.
As I have said before, the reason women are currently in the social state that they are in in this world could easily be because of our attachment to religious and social expectations. Many of the specific rules we follow were created do keep women at a “weaker” state of living compared to men. If we could open our eyes and be brave enough to tackle such nonsense the way Lady Gaga has in her songs, women could be stronger in society as a gender. Likewise, and as a result, the world would also be stronger as a whole, because we would be riding with two engines instead of just one. Men, and those who agree with them by following all that is expected of women instead of challenging the social norm when he/she feels it’s needed, do nothing to strengthen this world and make it a better place. Instead, we regress instead of progress, and that is not the best interested of our existence. So I suggest that the next time you hear a Lady Gaga song and scowl or see a woman with no make-up on and shake your head, sit back and really think about why you are upset about these things.
The late philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once stated, "Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains." Many of his philosophies have been implemented in the democratic forms of governing still used today in this world, particularly during the American and French revolutions. Perhaps women too should heed his warning

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