Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Cross in the Mountains

Here is a little bit of inspirational, ecumenical environmentalism from the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky.

"The Cross in the Mountains" documents an ecumenical prayer service for the renewal of Appalachian communities. The service focused on the catastrophic practice of mountaintop removal and its consequences to God's people and environment, with the purpose of educating and inspiring inner transformation and shared discussion about care of creation as an ethical and moral issue.


  1. What an interesting video.

    I hope it brings awareness to this issue. Healing the land (and preventing future mountaintop removal) is such a large task that I'm having trouble imagining where one would start. It seems almost hopeless...although the only way it will get better is if someone does something!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lydia! I think the video demonstrates that an ecumenical approach to issues of mountaintop removal can function as a great way to re-frame the debate. It offers people a new way of thinking about what's at stake - through concepts like stewardship, community, and the Earth as Christ crucified - and help reinforce the case against mountaintop removal by adding a moral/theological dimension in addition to the usual economic/environmental arguments