Tuesday, December 18, 2012 is Seeking Contributors!

Our work here at relies on the diverse viewpoints of individuals whose beliefs cover the spectrum of religious and non-religious affiliation. In order to promote the Left's invaluable pluralism of perspectives, we welcome all submissions pertaining to themes of progressive politics and religion.

  • Who: Anyone committed to thinking constructively about the role of progressive politics and religion in the United States.
  • What: Submissions of approximately 500-2,500 words, and a bio of up to three sentences. We are looking for full-length articles, reflections, book reviews, sermons, etc. In an effort to simultaneously broaden and deepen the conversation, we ask guest authors to engage their particular interests and passions through the lens of their own traditions.
  • When: Ever.
  • Why: Because we understand our commitment to progressive politics to be inextricably bound from the ways in which we think about questions of belief and practice, and we refuse to cede the public debate about religion in this country  to those who would use religion as a means of denying anyone their basic rights and dignities.
Hope to hear from you soon! 

Note: All submissions will be subject to form and content review by a site editor. Please indicate time-sensitive submissions to ensure that they post as soon as possible.